Despite initial reservations, Gaia-X could become the next-generation cloud infrastructure. If successful, the initiative will provide a sustainable boost to the data economy in Europe. But what exactly do the initiators want to achieve with Gaia-X? An analysis. Europe is building its digital infrastructure for the data age  Cloud computing…Read More

Take on the challenge! Join our Developer Community – Code Gaia-X into the Future! Hackathon #3 will focus on Self-Descriptions, Verifiable Credentials and Identity Management. Additionally, sessions addressing the Eclipse Dataspace Connector, bootstrapping of a Gaia-X compliant provider and application deployment on Gaia-X compliant infrastructures are planned. Furthermore, a newcomer…Read More

Demonstrating how federation services set baseline to deliver on Gaia-X’s ambitions The Gaia-X Association, announced today the release of a White Paper titled, “Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) White Paper – Gaia-X Ecosystem Kickstarter”. Through our recent paper, we introduce readers to the Gaia-X project and reason on why Federation Services are…Read More