Industry and business are in the midst of radical change: sustainability, resilience and securing competitiveness are determining the strategic direction of companies. Investments in digitalization are key to mastering the major challenges. You can experience first-hand how the paradigm shift towards shared data ecosystems is being shaped at the Gaia‑X…Read More

The second Phase of the XFSC specification builds upon the groundwork laid in GXFS specification Phase 1 and aligns with the principles of the Gaia-X Trust Framework 22.10. The recently defined specifications and supplementary requirements apply to these specific components and are currently subject to a tendering procedure: TRAIN We…Read More

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action launched its call for expressions of interest. It will select the projects and companies to participate in this summer’s European Twinning process. Interested partners can apply until 21 July to the public call. The IPCEI-CIS will create an efficient ‘multi-vendor cloud-edge continuum’…Read More