Gaia-X Federation Services toolbox moves under the Governance of the Eclipse Foundation

The Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS-DE) project has been moved under the governance of the Eclipse Foundation where the GXFS components are maintained under the project Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components).

The XFSC components are still published under Apache License 2.0 and all technical specifications and related documents are available under CC-BY. As all trademarks had to be transferred to the Eclipse Foundation as part of the migration, the toolbox had to be renamed from GXFS to XFSC. The project term Gaia-X Federation Services will however remain in use for ongoing project activities.

„Moving the GXFS-DE software code under the governance of the Eclipse Foundation is the logical next step to ensure the continuous development and adoption of the toolbox by the XFSC Community. Interested parties can build services based on the XFSC open-source code that meet their respective industry requirements and contribute back to the project.” said Emma Wehrwein, project lead GXFS-DE.

GXFS and the resulting Eclipse XFSC components are the implementation of a suite of solutions – providing for the minimum technical requirements to empower Federations to become operational and to allow organizations to participate in a world of Self Sovereign Identity and data ecosystems. The Eclipse XFSC toolbox defines a range of components necessary to fulfil the Gaia-X’s objective of building trust and interoperability, and ensuring participants retain sovereignty over their data. This includes software components in the areas identity and trust, self-description and catalogue functions as well as tooling.

In line with Eclipse Foundation governance rules, any interested party can give feedback, request changes to the publicly available code and work on further functionalities as part of the OSS Community. Lauresha Memeti, Cristina Pauna, and Steffen Schulze, who are the project leads of the Eclipse XFSC project, along with all the initial committers, will adhere to this process and provide their assistance in managing all the associated activities.

If you want to learn more about this process and the Eclipse migration of GXFS, please watch the webinar here.

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