How are Gaia-X and GXFS connected?

The architectural structure of Gaia-X is based on the principle of decentralisation. Gaia-X is the result of many individual data owners (users) and technology players (providers) – all adopting a common standard of rules and control mechanisms – the Gaia-X standard.

GXFS is a Gaia-X deliverable. It is the Gaia-X toolbox to create interoperable ecosystems following Gaia-X Reference Architecture.

Gaia-X Federation Services Details

Connecting the dots: Gaia-X, GXFS, Hubs, Communities and the Gaia-X Association

The organisational structure is built on three pillars: the Gaia-X AISBL, the national Gaia-X Hubs and the Gaia-X Community. Within these, there are various working groups and committees. The exchange within the pillars, between the pillars and beyond towards other stakeholders (e.g. EU Commission, international initiatives) is ensured.

The Gaia-X Hubs act as the voice of user ecosystems on a national level. They are the central contact points for companies, stakeholders, initiatives, associations and public sector bodies Their main objectives are to bundle national initiatives, develop ecosystems, and provide a central point of contact to interested parties in their respective countries. 

The open-source Gaia-X Community comprises the entire, global Gaia-X network. Users and providers collaborate on work packages. Everyone is welcome to join the Community and contribute to the establishment of a federated data infrastructure.

Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL represents the core of the organisational structure of the Gaia-X vision. It is an international non-profit association under Belgian law. Its purpose and objective are to develop regulatory frameworks, ensure that necessary services are made available, consolidate and facilitate work and collaboration within the Gaia-X community, to represent the members of Gaia-X and promote international cooperation. More information.

Within the Gaia-X Association, three Committees have been established:

  • The Policy Rules Committee is responsible for endorsing policies and rules related to the Gaia-X Data Ecosystem and its operation (together the “Data Ecosystem Policy Rules”). The Committee is headed by one Chairperson and one Vice-Chairperson.
  • The Technical Committee is responsible for all technical matters relating to the purpose of the Association. It decides on the Technical Architecture, the Architecture of Standards and the Open Source Software Portfolio, including the Federation Services. It manages the inputs from the work packages, coordinates demonstrators and use cases.
  • The Data Space Business Committee supports the creation of data spaces. Its mission is to actively stimulate and support the establishing of Data Spaces across but not limited to Europe, build recommendations of best practices for data space commodities and related generic design principles.

The Gaia-X Federation Services represent the minimum technical requirements and services necessary to operate federated Gaia-X Ecosystems of infrastructure and data. These services will leverage existing standards and open technology, e.g. open-source software. GXFS is a Gaia-X deliverable. It is the Gaia-X toolbox to create interoperable ecosystems following Gaia-X Reference Architecture.

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