Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) to be extended 

  • Next round of tendering for GXFS-DE has started
  • Tendered trades for a stronger basis of trust close gaps and adapt GXFS to practical requirements

Gaia-X Federation Services have entered the next stage of expansion with the start of the second specification round of tenders. The specified trades serve to harmonize with revised architectural concepts, adapt the existing services to general technological developments and take conceptual changes from the Gaia-X community into account. The first tender to start is for the Trust Management Infrastructure IDM.TRAIN from the work package “Identity & Trust”. They serve to establish and verify the trust basis for the participants of the distributed Gaia-X ecosystem and support the provision of appropriate credentials. The other components will be tendered and released in the coming weeks.

With the further tenders, we are bringing the GXFS-DE up to date for practical use,” says Andreas Weiss, GXFS-DE project manager and managing director at eco – Association of the Internet Industry: “The components now to be created will ensure that we can provide a technically mature reference implementation at the end of the year and directly involve the community with the parallel handover to the Eclipse Foundation.

Final specifications increase trust and practicality

The trade that has now been put out to tender will enable even more diverse applications. Specifically, it involves components that can serve as trust anchors in Gaia-X distributed ecosystems. This will be achieved by introducing trust lists in combination with anchoring them in the Domain Name System (DNS). 

The goal is to develop a technological foundation for establishing Federations as the core of new data-driven business models and ecosystems,” Weiss continued. “The first lighthouse and federated projects are starting to adapt the services for themselves and adjust them for their intended use.” Technical developments are expected to be completed by the end of 2023, after which Gaia-X will be rolled out more broadly across numerous industries with new cases of application.

More information and an outlook will be available at GXFS Connect 2023 on 5 and 6 September in Berlin.

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