Gaia-X Hackathon # 3 – Better delivery than ever

This year’s Gaia-X Hackathon #3 was focused on the creation and validation of Self Descriptions.

More than 350 highly skilled professionals virtually gathered across Europe, working together jointly in the following tracks (areas of interest):

  • Track 1 – For newcomers
  • Track 2 – Self-Description tools and services
  • Track 3 – Gaia-X Federated Services
  • Track 4 – ACME – Towards a Gaia-X compliant infrastructure provider
  • Track 5 – Eclipse Dataspace Connector
  • Track 6 – Deployment of Ecosystems / Minimal Viable Gaia-X Track

Some of the deliverables include:

Each Hackathon attracts more participants than the previous one. A Growing number of participants is confirming that Gaia-X is addressing areas of great importance.

Join our forces to make digital sovereignty a step closer to reality – we are looking forward to seeing you at Hackathon #4!

Written by: Olesja Schumann, Cloud & Heat and Martin Pilka, dNation CEO

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