As a Europe-wide initiative Gaia-X attracts a lot of attention. However, the structure of Gaia-X, its aspects and associated sub-projects often pose a challenge for interested parties. With the format “Inside Gaia-X”, the Platform Industry 4.0 and the Gaia-X Hub Austria help Austrian companies and organisations to obtain or maintain…Read More

The Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) study ” Strategies for Building Gaia-X Ecosystems using the Gaia-X Federation Services – In dialogue with the Gaia-X Projects “, published today, explores how GXFS helps to get Gaia-X Federations up and running and what challenges users identify. For this purpose, the study interviewed eleven…Read More

3 questions for Matthias Brucke, founder and Managing Director, embeteco Gaia-X can reduce costs in the long term and create new business opportunities, says Matthias Brucke in an interview. The founder and Managing Director of embeteco will be speaking on the panel at the GXFS Connect Conference in Berlin on…Read More