GXFS-DE Videos show how to build Gaia-X Federation successfully

The German funded project GXFS-DE released the first video in a series of scenario videos designed to show in a simple and understandable way how the launch of a Gaia-X federation can succeed using the Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS).

The scenario videos are intended to convey the complex technical concepts behind Gaia-X in an understandable way, while demonstrating real-world application scenarios. Each video is dedicated to a specific use case, focusing on the benefits and features of Gaia-X.

The video released today covers the basics of a federation, its benefits and basic principles. Other videos in the series will cover topics such as the specific structure of a federation, self-descriptions, and booking services within a federation.

The videos are part of a comprehensive information campaign of GXFS-DE, which should help to promote the acceptance and spread of Gaia-X. The campaign targets companies of all sizes and industries.

The videos will be made available successively on the GXFS-DE website and on the Gaia-X Association YouTube channel in the coming months.

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