The “Trust Services API” ensures a consistent level of trust between all components and participants in Gaia-X can be established. The Trust Services are the central technical implementation of cryptographical functions to enforce policies in the SSI context for the usage of the decentral and self-sovereign provided capabilities.

The Trust Services are the core library that composes and orchestrates the basic cryptographical functions and act as the Policy Decision and Administration Point. The intention is to centralize the base functionality and offering consistent interfaces used by the other GXFS components to establish the required trust within the decentralized ecosystem. Further features to enable the other SSI based Identity and Trust Components are as follows:

  • Verification by applying standards like LD Proof Chains/Sets, BBS+,
  • Establishing policy driven trust
  • Providing the required trust anchors
  • Ensuring trust-chains between multiple participants

Furthermore, the Trust Services include necessary tools (e.g., Command Line Scripts, library functions, API interfaces, etc.) to operate and maintain the created software components in an enterprise environment. The policy driven approach will utilize the GitOps administration principles to manage the policies.