The Portal will serve as a reference architecture to interact with central service functions via an intuitive User Interface (UI) and respective backend implementation functions. The UI provides mechanisms to interact with core capabilities using API calls. Furthermore, the Portal is interacting closely with the Workflow Engine to utilize the business process management needed during various interaction states. The goal is a consistent user experience within the Gaia-X ecosystem for all tasks that can be performed with a specific focus on Identity Management, Catalogue, Security and Compliance across the GAIA-X federated service lifecycles.

The portal provides information on Gaia-X assets and interaction mechanisms for tasks related to the maintenance of these assets:

  • Registration Process: Registration of new organizations as participants of Gaia-X. This process provides the steps to identify and authorize becoming a participant. This includes the option to sign up as AISBL members.
  • Login process: Implementation of a single sign-on mechanism that maps the specifications to the Gaia-X services.
  • Account/Profile: Management of participants Self-Description, credential organization and login history.
  • System Information (‘More’): Information about Gaia-X, access to support options and a build in self-help knowledge base.
  • Discovery: Convenient search for service offers datasets and providers with the resolution of complex search queries on the Federated Catalogue (the Federated Catalogue is being awarded in a separate tender). This mechanism is provided on the home screen as well as on any subsequent page providing filtering options.
  • Self-Description: Providing an administration and editing process for the Self-Descriptions of providers, nodes, services and data offers in the Federated Catalogue. Comfortable editing options with plausibility check on data field level.
  • Dashboard: Configurable display of all active and inactive offers that a participant uses or provides in the Gaia-X system. Monitoring of all information from the service in one central location. Information on the status and availability of the booked or provided services.
  • Solution Packaging: A composition mechanism for the selection and combination of services into solution packages for the Gaia-X Federated Catalogue for addressing specific use cases.