Hubs facilitate and support the creation of European Data Spaces. They are regional economy proxies to intercept digital transformation strategy directives and funding opportunities to implement Gaia-X services. Hubs focus on developing data spaces that are relevant or specific to the local region and also interact with other regions to build cross-national data spaces.

Hubs connect potential Gaia-X stakeholders, both within and across different countries and sectors.

Hubs increase user interest across Europe and globally to scale up the spread of use cases.

Hubs liaise closely with the Gaia-X Association to define requirements, relevant regulations and policies.

Hubs consolidate relevant initiatives within countries.

Hubs ensure efficient cooperation and avoid the unnecessary doubling up of efforts within a particular industry.


Hub Austria

Horst Bratfisch

Hub Belgium

E Jelle Hoedemaekers

Hub Finland

Denisa Mäki

Hub France

Marine de Sury

Hub Germany

Peter Kraemer

Hub Greece

Kosmas Alexopoulos

Hub Italy

Roberto Bedani

Hub Luxembourg

Peter Sodermans

Hub Netherlands

Peter Verkoulen

Hub Poland

Dariusz Śpiewak

Hub Portugal

Vasco Lagarto

Hub Slovakia

Martina Maláková