“Core Catalogue Features” encompass a Catalogue where Gaia-X resources, assets and participants can be found by potential consumers and end users.

Resources, Assets and Participants in GAIA-X are described by Self-Descriptions. Self-Descriptions intended for public usage can be loaded into the respective Catalogue. The goal of the Catalogue is to enable consumers and end users to find best-matching offerings and to monitor for relevant changes of the offerings.

In the Catalogue, many Self-Descriptions are a) stored as raw JSON-LD files and b) integrated into a Self-Description Graph. By following references between Self-Descriptions, advanced queries across individual Self-Descriptions become possible.

The Federated Catalogue consists of functional components that are each described in the respective specification document:

  • Self-Description Storage and Lifecycle
  • Self-Description Graph
  • REST Interface
  • Self-Description Verification
  • Schema Management