Trades awarded in second  GXFS Specification Phase  

Tendered trades for stronger trust foundation add requirements from Gaia-X projects and align GXFS with practical needs.  

The GXFS Project Office has awarded contracts for six components in the context of identity and trust building in the second specification phase of Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) to date. The specified trades serve to harmonise with the revised Gaia-X architectural concepts, adapt the existing services to general technological developments and take into account conceptual changes from the Gaia-X community.  

The contract was awarded to T-Systems International GmbH, ecsec GmbH and Vereign AG according to the following responsibilities:  

  • T-System International GmbH was awarded four of the six trades put out to tender. This included the first contract to implement the new Trust Management Infrastructure (TRAIN) component. TRAIN supports the establishment and verification of the root of trust for participants in the Gaia-X distributed ecosystem and the credentials issued by these entities.  
  • Second, with an expansion of the OCM Extension, the company will ensure to improve secure interactions within the Self-Sovereign-Identity (SSI)-based Gaia-X ecosystem. 
  • Thirdly, T-Systems is also responsible for the new OCM W-Stack component, which promotes the interaction of participants with the SSI-based ecosystem in a trustworthy and secure manner.  
  • The fourth award for T-Systems concerns the PCM Extension component, which provides everything necessary for the independent management of a participant’s digital identity in the Gaia-X context on a mobile device. In this context, T-Systems will also provide the PCM functions via a web browser (cloud wallet), thus enabling an alternative to the existing PCM app.  
  • The contract for the TSA Extension was awarded to Vereign AG: The component creates a uniform trust management and rule-based agreements between Gaia-X participants and components. 
  • The contract Notarization Extension, for the extension of the existing component Notarization API with new functions, such as new issuing and verification protocols, was awarded to ecsec GmbH.  

The contracted partners will implement the commissioned work in the XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components) repository by the end of February 2024 at the latest.“The trades in the second round of tenders will bring the GXFS-DE up to date for practical use from spring 2024 onwards and will expand the deployment options to a considerable extent,” says eco Managing Director Andreas Weiss. “We will provide a mature reference implementation and directly engage the community with the parallel handover to the Eclipse Foundation.”  

Project requirements traceable in Gitlab 

The community can track the concrete requirements and progress in the commissioned trades directly in Gitlab, where a roadmap also provides further information on the implementation planning of the individual trades. 

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