In this tender the lot “Personal Credential Manager” is being awarded. The purpose of the service functions to be implemented is to enable Gaia-X users to manage their credentials themselves. Therefore, the user requires secure storage (user wallet) and presentation capabilities in the authentication and authorization processes.

The Personal Credential Manager (PCM) as a Gaia-X component supports the decentralized architecture and is used by a natural person. The respective person utilizes the PCM in the respective form factor to store Verifiable Credentials issued to him as well as to prove the statements necessary to obtain a service.

The PCM enables users (holders) to interact technically with the SSI-based ecosystem in a privacy-preserving way. PCM acts then as a user representative, securely holding the acquired distributed identities and identity attributes, and provides the technical means to selectively disclose the attributes for authentication and service consumption. By that, the PCM provides the personal wallet for the user.