In this tender the lot “Organisation Credential Manager” (OCM) is being awarded. The purpose of the service functions to be implemented is to establish trust between the different participants within the Gaia-X decentralized ecosystem. The OCM comprises all trust related functions required to manage and offer GAIA-X Self-Descriptions in the W3C Verifiable Credential format. To achieve this goal, components are required which on the one hand allow the management of assets and participants for the creation of signatures for various properties, attributes, and documents and on the other hand enable the verification of external documents. This includes

  • the creation of verifiable credentials with a corresponding digital signature on the basis of an identity,
  • the issuing of verifiable presentations on the basis of existing and already received verifiable credentials,
  • the requesting of verifiable credentials from third parties for e.g., the attestation of own attributes,
  • as well as the validation of incoming connection requests and proof requests.

The format used for communication is based on the RFCs described in the Hyperledger Indy context and the standards of W3C and DIF in order to guarantee a uniform process flow and exchange formats. Therefore, the OCM enables a participant to interact with the SSI-based ecosystem in a trustworthy and secure manner.

The OCM utilizes other components like GXFS Trust Services and offer many of the functions required from the GXFS Notarization API component.