In this tender the lot “Orchestration” is being awarded. The purpose of the service functions to be implemented is to enable the Gaia-X consumer to start instantiating and managing infrastructure services through the Gaia-X portal out of the Federated Catalogue search results such as Virtual Machines (the Federated Catalogue and the Gaia-X Portal are being awarded in separate tenders).

The orchestration provides a Life Cycle Management Engine (LCM Engine), but not an actual implementation of the deployment and management methods for each of the respective technologies such as Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, etc.

Instead, the Orchestration provides an API standard that has to be followed, in order to implement a “Life Cycle Management (LCM) Service”. The LCM service is not in scope for the Federation Services and shall be offered as a standard Gaia-X service by the Gaia-X service providers. The LCM Engine orchestrates the different LCM services, interfacing with the Gaia-X Portal and communication with the LCM services using the specified API standard.