New Delta study shows progress and challenges in implementing Gaia-X Federation Services

GXFS publishes study: “Implementation Strategies for the Gaia-X Federation Services: Project Progress and New Requirements – A Delta Study with Outlook”.

The GXFS (Gaia-X Federation Services) make a crucial contribution towards a sustainable and innovative digitalisation for data-based business models. A new Delta study, designed as a continuation of the study “Strategies for building Gaia-X ecosystems using Gaia-X Federation Services”, provides insights into the current status and challenges of GXFS implementation in various funding projects.

GXFS components are available, but user requirements are crucial

The results of the study show that sufficient information is available about the Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS). According to the Gaia-X projects surveyed, a central factor for the success of the implementation is to include user requirements in the design of the GXFS concepts from the beginning.

Cross-project events and information platforms as success factors

The study shows the importance of cross-project events such as the GXFS Connect, tech workshops and hackathons as well as in-depth discussions for successful project work. These events promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas and have proven to be extremely helpful. Participation in them is therefore perceived as valuable by the projects and is recommended.

Andreas Weiss, Managing Director at eco – Association of the Internet Industry, emphasises: “The study results suggest: communication and cooperation with the projects are particularly important. The success of GXFS-DE is not only dependent on technical aspects, but also on effective interaction with the users.

Progress over the last 12 months

A pleasing trend is the growing progress in the technical implementation of GXFS compared to the previous year. Projects are developing an increasing understanding of GXFS and putting this into practice. However, the study highlights the need for increased communication beyond technical aspects and legal support to ensure the success of GXFS implementation in the long term.

Monetisation and business models in focus

The Delta study highlights that the funded projects recognise the importance of transforming their GXFS concepts into long-term business models and monetising them. Individual software developments and FOSS components play an important role in this, but are only partial aspects of a comprehensive approach.

Study author Jens Böcker of Böcker Ziemen Consulting commented: “The idea of establishing European standards to strengthen digital sovereignty is gaining importance – In our study we were able to measure that Gaia-X federation services make an important contribution to this.

The Delta study is based on online surveys of the eleven Gaia-X federation projects and individual, in-depth expert interviews. The study was commissioned by the Project Management Office GXFS-DE at eco – Association of the Internet Industry and provides an analysis of the progress in the implementation of GXFS in the Gaia-X funding projects since September 2022.

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