A Federated and Secure Data Infrastructure

Gaia-X strives for innovation through digital sovereignty.

Our goal is to establish an ecosystem, whereby data is shared and made available in a trustworthy environment.

Our intention is that we give the control back to the users by retaining sovereignty over their data.

Our outcome will not be a cloud. It is a federated system linking many cloud service providers and users together in a transparent environment that will drive the European data economy of tomorrow.

How does it work

To define a Gaia-X service, the Association produces three main artefacts:


The specifications describe how Gaia-X works in terms of policy rules and technical requirements.
Find out more here: https://gaia-x.eu/mediatech/publications/

Open-Source Software Code

The code as a reference implementation automates the core elements of the control and governance framework.
Find out more here: https://gitlab.com/gaia-x


The labels are automatically applied to a Gaia-X service to evidence its level of trust and ease the adoption by users.
Find out more here: https://gaia-x.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Gaia-X-labelling-criteria-v22.04_Final.pdf

The architecture of Gaia-X is based on the key principles of federation, distributed consensus, decentralisation, and regulation by automation, aiming to reduce the complexity, delays and costs associated when verifying the service credentials.