AI for SMEs: Service-Meister makes the first smart applications ready to run

Together with deltaDAO, Service-Meister is now making the first artificially intelligent (AI) applications available for SMEs. GXFS/XFSC and Pontus-X form the basis. How today’s sample cases are showing the way for tomorrow’s value streams in the data economy.

Automated ticket creation and smart analysis of service reports in order to digitalise master knowledge and speed up repairs using AI tools – over the past three years, Service-Meister has brought AI to the industrial service of small, medium-sized and medium-sized companies in an exemplary manner. The AI project recently stopped making its results available only to interested parties via an online catalogue: Together with deltaDAO, the funded project is now making the first applications available ready to run. GXFS/XFSC and Pontus-X form the basis.

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