9:15 Registration & Networking

9:45 Welcome

9:50 Keynote: Digital sovereignty and data ecosystems – are we ready for the great move?  


Ernst Stöckl-Pukall
Head of Division for Digitalisation and Industry 4.0, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

10:00 Keynote: Manufacturing-X – required capabilities


Thomas Hahn
Chief Expert Software, Siemens AG Germany, Gaia-X & Manufacturing-X

10:15 Hub Coordinators: what is the Hubs’ role in supporting the development of data ecosystems?


Christina Schmidt-Holtmann
Head of Divison for Data Availability, Digital Sovereignty, SPRIND at Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Jan Fischer
Lead, Gaia-X Hub Germany

Georg Hahn
Member of the Management Board, Gaia-X Austria

Francisca Rubio
General Manager, Gaia-X Spain

Peter Verkoulen
General Manager, Gaia-X The Netherlands

11:00 Coffee break 

11:30 Presentation of study results: GXFS Implementation strategies by the German Gaia-X projects  


Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker
Scientific Advisor, Böcker Ziemen

11:45 GXFS implementation strategies: Discussion with the Gaia-X projects  

One year after the release of the first study, the GXFS-DE team has reached out to the Gaia-X projects again to assess what progress they have made in implementing GXFS components in their projects. What challenges remain and which ones has the community been able to overcome together?  


Fabian Scheidt

Tech Delivery Subject Matter Expert, Accenture Industry X / Project: GAIA-X 4 ROMS

Dr. Alexander Alldridge
Managing Director, EuroDaT GmbH / Project: EuroDaT

Jérôme Estienne
Managing Consultant, Capgemini / Project: Merlot

Marcel Louwers
Research Coordinator, TrueOcean GmbH / Project: Marispace-X

12:30 Lunch break

13:45 Legal governance in the Gaia-X ecosystem  

Smart governance frameworks can help lay the basics for cooperation based on mutual trust and transparency. A common set of rules and clear agreements for the use of infrastructure and data services is essential to get digital ecosystems up and running. And what does it take to be Gaia-X compliant? Our panelists will discuss how the implementation of existing rules in the Gaia-X context works and what a future-proof legal frame-work for digital cooperation can look like. 


Oliver Süme
Partner, FieldFisher & Chairman, eco Association of the Internet Industry

Prof. Beatrix Weber
Professor, Hof University / Project: iECO

Pierre Gronlier
Chief Technology Officer, Gaia-X AISBL

Susanne Dehmel
Member of the Executive Board Legal & Security, Bitkom, VC Legal AISBL

14:30 Trust in the Gaia-X ecosystem: how does trust between participants in a digital ecosystem work? 

How does trust work between participants in a digital ecosystem? What role does the Gaia-X AISBL play in supporting this trust development? How can trust also be achieved through technological means. What different layers of trust are important in a digital ecosystem? Our experts on this panel will answer this and further questions.


Prof. Dr. Norbert Pohlmann
Professor for Cyber Security and Director of the Institute for Internet Security at Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen & eco Board Member

Berthold Maier
Chief Architect, T-Systems International GmbH

Dr. Maria Barros Weiss
VP Digital Ecosystem Division, IONOS  

15:00 Coffee break 

15:30 Gaia-X in Europe: Meet the Lighthouse Projects  

Join this discussion to hear what projects are active EU-wide in the Gaia-X ecosystem and what challenges they seek to address.  


Dr. Christian Bölling
Director, EIT Manufacturing Central, EuProGigant

Steffen Turnbull
Research Associate, Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility

Klaus Ottradovetz
Distinguished Expert Cloud & Ecosystem, Structura-X

Christophe Gervais
CTO, Agdatahub

Dominique Epardeau
Project Manager, EONA-X

16:15 Meet the GXFS-DE OSS Community – Recap from GXFS Tech Workshop #3 

What are incentives to join an FOSS project?  


Lauresha Memeti
Technical Project Manager GXFS-DE, eco – Association of the Internet Industry

XFSC Community Leads and Members

16:45 Wrap up & End